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Food Review: Mochiholic

A Bay Area specialty has finally made its way to Pleasanton in the name of Mochiholic. Mochiholic is a donut store that doesn’t sell the doughnuts everyone is used to, but premium donuts made of mochi, a type of Japanese rice cake famous for its squishy and delightful texture.

The shop

The shop sports a beautiful store sign out front, appealing to people of all ages. There are a few tables and chairs right next to the entrance that act as a dining and waiting area for the shop. Upon entering the store, you can expect to be greeted warmly by an employee.

The store has taken a very modern approach to ordering food, as there are two kiosks to the right of the entrance that are used to buy the delectable donuts. However, you can only use a credit or debit card to purchase items. There’s also the option of buying online.

The menu

Although most famous for their donuts, Mochiholic offers a wide variety of options for food for hungry customers. From boba tea and smoothies to appetizers like popcorn chicken, there are a plethora of food choices.

Of course, there are many flavors of mochi donuts you can choose from as well. Currently, Mochiholic is serving various flavors such as strawberry, oreo, cinnamon, matcha, black sesame, and the latest addition, yuzu.

The easiest way to try a little bit of everything would be to buy from the bundles, which could range from $25 to $29. I bought half a dozen mochi donuts, rose green milk tea with boba, and a box of popcorn chicken.

The food took around 25 minutes, and the pickup area is a small space, with a rack for safe storage and a table that customers can approach to receive their items.

The taste test

After receiving my items, I dug in. The rose green milk tea had a rich, floral flavor. Its visual appeal and creamy texture does justice to its name. However, biting into the boba, I realized it was a bit coarse, and sometimes too chewy.

The popcorn chicken was seasoned perfectly. It was battered on all sides, making it a little spicy. The chicken was also very well-cooked. It turned out to be very fulfilling, and an unexpectedly masterful appetizer for a place that mainly sells desserts.

Now onto the main course itself.

I am an avid fan of mochi products myself, and I’ve had a lot of experience with the rice cakes, but this mochi truly exceeded my expectations. Soft, delectable spheres of batter give the donut a fluffy texture, with an elastic exterior that is incredibly satisfying to bite into.

The frostings were delicious and true to their intended flavor. The strawberry tasted exactly like the traditional strawberry flavor you’d expect, while the yuzu flavor had a very distinct tang to it. Some of the unconventional flavors, such as oreo and black sesame, were also quite enjoyable as the right balance of flavor was expertly struck.

The Verdict

Overall, the visit was a complete success, both for me and Mochiholic. The prices are a bit on the expensive side, but the experience is well worth the money. Mochiholic also has locations in Fremont and San Jose. I would definitely recommend a visit to any of Mochiholic’s locations given the chance.

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