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Mochi Donut x BOBA x DESSERT 

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Named one of “12 Fantastic Bay Area Doughnut Shops That Will Knock Your Socks Off’ 
-The Mercury News

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Welcome! You are about to start opening your dream mochi donuts shop journey

Welcome to Mochiholic, where the unique, chewy texture of mochi inspires our diverse product lines. Our acclaimed mochi donuts lead a menu that includes refreshing boba (bubble tea), rich Vietnamese Coffee, and exquisite Mochi/Creme Brulee desserts. As a franchise partner, you'll tap into a thriving market with a broad customer base, offering a distinctive culinary experience. Join us in expanding the joy of mochi—a promising opportunity for growth and investment.

Mochiholic Products Line Up 


Mochi Donuts

Asian infused donut that combines traditional American donut ingredients with mochi, a Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice flour. This unique blend results in a donut that has a chewy, stretchy texture similar to mochi, while maintaining the sweet flavors and fried exterior of a conventional donut.


Bubble Tea (BOBA)

 A sweet, tea-based drink mixed with milk or fruit flavors, enhanced with chewy tapioca pearls. Ube series, Creme Brulee Series, Mochi Series..etc, Mochiholic elevates the bubble tea experience by offering a creative and unique twist on traditional drinks.


Creme Brulee Dessert

Mochiholic offers a unique twist on this traditional dessert by incorporating a chewy, mochi texture into the custard, creating an innovative fusion that blends the silky smoothness of crème brûlée with the delightful chewiness of mochi for an unforgettable dessert experience.

Vietnamese Coffee_clipped_rev_1.png

Vietnamese Coffee

Mochiholic enhances this pairing with unique creations, infusing
Vietnamese coffee with an array of flavors like custard cream, black sesame cream, pandan, and ube. This inventive combination elevates the coffee experience, marrying the strong aroma of Vietnamese coffee with the rich, nuanced flavors of these diverse creams for a truly indulgent treat.

Seasonal or Selective Option

Mochi Creme Brulee Ice Cream

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Mochi Sahved Ice

450055-06_clipped_rev_1 (1).png

Mochi Pizza

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Mochi Waffle

Why Franchise Mochiholic

Unique Products

Mochi Donuts, BOBA, Dessert: 3 in 1 unique combination to provide one stop sweet solution.     

(Limited Time Offer)

Mochiholic offers unmatched support to first-time franchisees, from franchise fees and royalty fees to additional resources and guidance


Unique Franchise Support

Integrated POS system and full kiosk service solution to streamline business operation and boost efficiency on making business decision. 

Digital Management

We're your digital marketing experts, driving leads and awareness on social media. Our tools ensure your marketing campaign is a success.



Comprehensive training and handouts before and after store opening, including practical and theoretical courses. 


You'll receive tailored guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals, ensuring your franchise thrives and achieves its full potential.



Facts & Figures

Our secret ingredient is quality.

All products are freshly made daily so you can enjoy premium quality dessert, boba, and Mochi donuts!


• Mochi Donut - Mochi donuts typically have about half the calories of regular donuts. The interest in social media has grown 40% in 2022.


• Bubble Tea - Bubble Tea Market Size is 2.1 Billion in 2022 and is expected to meet 4.5 billion by 2027.


• Crème Brûlée– in 2022, only 1.97% restaurants offer crème brûléeon their menus. The global instant pudding market is expected to grow from 294 million in 2022 to 1.9 billion in 2033.

Franchise Cost

Special Deal: Enjoy $5,000 rebate if sign up before 06/30/2024 !!



$35,000 per unit developed.

(Won't collect the franchise fee until your store is ready to open

Initial franchise fee:


$150,000- $250,000

Estimated initial investment:


Steps to opening a Mochiholic franchise

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